Franchise Info

WHY CHOOSE “BOOTCAMP – The Adventure Zone”

  • Excellent Margin on Sales
  • Zero competition hence Monopoly
  • Innovative and Unconventional business idea
  • Easy & Standardized operating procedure to be followed
  • No dependency on skilled labour
  • Sports & Outdoor segment revenue is growing at the annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 22.3%


  • Opportunity to become a part of a large and well established, time-tested business.
  • Business risks are minimal.
  • Advantage of “BOOTCAMP – The Adventure Zone” goodwill in domestic market.
  • Availability of readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one’s own technology, systems and procedures.
  • Training in conduct of business as well as of manpower and continuous training support.
  • Research and development support of our organization.
  • Training in conduct of business as well as of manpower and continuous training support.


  • Assistance in site selection and feasibility study.
  • Theme park and Arena layout support.
  • Equipment selection and placements.
  • Vendor support during project stage.
  • Unique installer team placed at the outlet at the time of opening to minimize initial operational issues.
  • Provision of equipments / gears / raw material sourcing from direct foreign suppliers to maintain uniformity and qulaity of service in all outlets.
  • Selection of staff and training at our Head Office in Ahmedabad.
  • Operating procedures and guidelines on how to handle the business efficiently.
  • Identity & Brand design.
  • Monthly check up on Standard management procedures and maintenance by an audit team.
  • Publicity and initial market presence advertisement.
  • Assistance by dedicated team to each franchisee to ensure quality, operational and cost related support when needed.
  • Periodic visit by our qualified and highly experienced sports experts to upgrade/ maintain/ improve business standards.


Franchise Partner Profile

  • A zest for sports business and innovative performance in the market.
  • A proven track record of business ownership that can complement our brand image.
  • Adequate local knowledge and expertise in the areas of consumer preference.
  • Access to required capital.

Location Profile

  • Any location with population over 1 million.
  • Minimum 5000 to 15000 sq. ft. of open land in outskirts or close proximity.
  • Ample parking space provision is required. Valet provision could also be made.
  • Prominent visibility of the space is important.
  • Preferably owned space but rented space can also be considered.


  • Requirement of capital in starting of Adventure park over and above the cost of the property or deposits for rentals would be as follows:

For India

  • Metro Cities:Ranges from Rs. 22 to 24 lac.
  • A Tier Cities:Ranges from Rs. 17 to 22 lac.
  • B Tier Cities:Ranges from Rs. 17 to 22 lac.